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Waste Isolation Solutions

Since 1974, INTERA has developed a world-class reputation in quantifying and managing risk for our clients’ environmental and water resource challenges. As a geosciences and engineering consulting firm, INTERA is a leader in the characterization of hydrologic and hydrogeologic systems, the collection and analysis of hydrologic data to support water planning, the design and implementation of soil and groundwater investigations and remedial actions to address affected soil and groundwater, and the hydrogeologic characterization and performance assessment analyses needed to demonstrate the long-term safety of mining operations, oil and gas operations, and radioactive waste repositories.

INTERA, based in Austin, Texas, operates from seven domestic offices in the United States, as well as two offices in Europe (Lyon, France, and Baden, Switzerland). We invite you to explore our services and projects, take a look at our talented team of experts, and review the reasons why INTERA is widely considered to be the best in class services provider in our industry.



INTERA delivers solutions for complying with a wide array of environmental regulations and requirements. Our services include investigating and remediating legacy contamination issues, developing sampling and monitoring programs to support ongoing operations, and permitting of new facilities and infrastructure.

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Water Resource

INTERA delivers solutions for sound planning and management of water resources. Our services include evaluating water availability for meeting current and future needs, analyzing water quality and quantity to ensure protection of natural systems, and locating and developing new groundwater supply sources.

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Waste Isolation

INTERA delivers solutions for the licensing and operation of geologic disposal facilities for radioactive and hazardous wastes. Our services include hydrogeologic testing and analyses to determine the suitability of a site and assessing and monitoring the performance and safety of the natural and synthetic waste isolation systems.

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