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Van Kelley

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Telephone: 512-425-2000


Van Kelley, MS, PG
Sr. Vice President, Water Resources

Van Kelley is a Senior Vice President in charge of INTERA's water resources business development team and has led the growth of INTERA’s water resources business in Texas since 2001. He has served as INTERA’s Board of Directors since 2008 and recently assumed the role of Corporate Secretary. In addition to his corporate management responsibilities, he serves as a project manager on several large multi-disciplinary projects focused on the development of numerical models for water resources applications. He has over 25 years of technical experience in the areas of site characterization, hydrogeology, fluid flow and transport modeling, regulatory review, and project management.


  • MS, Geology, Texas A&M University, 1985
  • BS, Petroleum Geology, Mississippi State University, 1982